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04 Jul

Complaint book




Company Identification / Membership

My7Stores, Lda, with the NIPC: 514069791, located at Rua Dr. Carlos Magalhães, nº4, 4700-001 Braga, adhered to the Electronic Complaints Book without prejudice to the traditional paper format.


Electronic Complaint Book Platform

To access the Complaints Book go to:


Regulatory / Supervisory Entity

ASAE (Food and Economic Security Authority)


Complaint Process - FAQ Complaint Process


What steps should you take to submit the complaint?

Firstly, the consumer or user must make sure that it contains all the information and documentation necessary to complete the claim, including the correct identification of the company on which he claims to claim.

In the possession of all elements, the consumer must:

      1. Click on the "Make Claim" icon - you will then be asked for the e-mail address;
      2. Enter your email address and "Submit" - you will receive a message in your mailbox with a link to proceed with your complaint.
      3. Access the message of the Platform that you have received in your email and load the link 60 minutes, after which it will lose its validity making it necessary to repeat the above process.
      4. After clicking on this link, the consumer can proceed with the complaint as follows:
      - Enter your personal information;
      - Fill in the data of the claimed company - to do this you should do a smart search that includes fields such as operator name, address, telephone, NIF. Next, the consumer must select the "activity sector" on which the complaint is based;
      - Fill in the fields of the complaint with description of the subject and facts, being able to attach up to 3 files
      - Finally, the consumer must confirm that all data is correct and "submit".

After following these 4 steps, the consumer will receive in his e-mail address the proof of his complaint that he can print.


2. To whom is the complaint sent?

When the complaint is submitted through the Platform, it is sent automatically to the service provider / goods supplier and simultaneously to the regulatory body of the sector. The consumer will also receive a copy of the complaint presented in pdf format at his e-mail address.


3. Who can access the complaint information?

They can access the information about the complaint, the consumer / user who has made it, as well as the service provider / supplier of goods claimed and the regulatory authority.


4. Is the supplier of goods / service provider obliged to respond to the consumer?

Yes, within 15 business days.


5. How does the consumer receive the response from the supplier of goods / services to his / her complaint?

The consumer receives a response to your complaint through the e-mail address you indicated when submitting your complaint.


6. How can the consumer monitor the complaint?

To follow the treatment of your complaint, the consumer / user has two options.

  • Through the email address. To do this you must enter the e-mail address where you will receive a list of complaints made by this same address. Each complaint will have associated a link that when accessed will direct to the page of queries where the data of the complaint and its states will be presented.
  • Through the introduction of the Complaint Number and Identification Number, the research being done both on the basis of the RTIC and in the database of the Electronic Complaints Book.

You can contact directly the regulator of the claimed sector or consult the progress of your complaint through the RTIC - Telematics Network of Common Information. To check the status of your complaint simply go to the RTIC website by clicking on "01 Consumers and Economic Operators" and enter your details, namely the complaint number and the personal identification number.